Trace Elements

Artist in Residence, Infoterra, 2001

Heather spent 6 weeks working with satellite and aerial imaging company Infoterra exploring the fascinating and technically demanding world of remote sensing. The company offer geographic products and services in fields of geological exploration, environmental management, agriculture, forestry, cartography, and telecommunications planning. Heather developed projects with staff that exploited and subverted the imaging technologies used, exploring the relationship between humanity and the land we inhabit; the symbiotic, the political and the precarious.

One Man’s Land is a contour map of a young mans face etched into steel. Generated from stereo images using 3D mapping software, the information held within the portrait is accurate and unique to the sitter and can be reconstructed into a 3Dimensional form.

The Vesuvius Portraits were inspired by the earth’s enormous eruption of AD79 which engulfed the surrounding towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum with pyroclastic flows of volcanic ash entombing the inhabitants within. The 3D anaglyphs represent dying figures cast within the earth.

Transient Touch is a 10 minute film shot with a thermal imaging camera usually employed in aerial environmental surveys. Part narrative, part dance for camera the film follows one woman’s nostalgic meanderings through the heat signatures she leaves behind her.