Rooted (in time and motion)

Commission for The Other Flower Show, Victoria and Albert Museum 2004

Rooted (in time & motion)

The Other Flower Show: ten artists • ten sheds
29 May – 11 July 2004

Heather was one of ten artists commissioned by UP Projects for the Victoria & Albert Museum to deck out a garden shed in a manner of her choosing.

She chose to transform her shed into an interior designed greenhouse complete with perspex roof, a carpet of grass and patterned wallpapers made with germinating cress and mustard seed.

Rooted (in time and motion) payed homage to great moments of scientific inspiration and in particular the work of Sir Isaac Newton – the seeded wallpaper design is inspired by Newton’s laws of physics. On a scientific level, it examined the notion of gravity, time and motion, from the growth of a single mustard seed to the planetary movement in our solar system. The walls were patterned with germinating seeds that worked through their entire life cycle during the exhibition; the roots pulled down by gravity (geotropism) and the shoots searching for light (phototropism).

As an experience, the ‘living room’ offered an environment for quiet contemplation. Visitors were invited to take off their shoes and walk on the fresh grass or lie down and gaze at a framed view of the sky. One might meditate upon the natural phenomena of time and motion, or the domestication of the botanical world, or simply kick back and think of nothing at all.

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