Broad Vision

Broad Vision was an art/science research and learning programme led by Heather Barnett, which ran at the University of Westminster 2010-2015.

Through collaborative exchange and interdisciplinary exploration students from diverse disciplines became teachers, researchers and producers as they explored questions relating to biology and psychology, technology and creativity, art and science. Starting as an extra-curricula project in 2010, Broad Vision became an elective Art/Science Collaboration module in 2012 and worked with over 200 undergraduate students from courses across art, science and technology subjects. Participating courses included photographic arts, biotechnology, illustration, psychology, contemporary media practice, human and medical sciences, clinical photography, biological sciences, multimedia computing, interactive product design, animation, cognitive science, molecular biology and genetics, photography and digital imaging, and physiology and pharmacology.

Broad Vision offered students from across the university a range of opportunities for collaborative research and interdisciplinary learning, as well as professional development opportunities through the production of exhibitions, the publication of books and articles, and the chance to present at conferences, festivals and symposiums. The team produced two books, which are free to download via issuu (Inspired by Images from Science / The Art and Science of Looking); exhibitions were held at Arebyte gallery, GV art gallery and London Gallery West; and the project has been presented at national and international conferences.

The Broad Vision team comprised of lecturers from the arts and sciences, namely:

Project lead: Heather Barnett
Broad Vision lecturers: John RA Smith / Dr Mark Clements / Elizabeth Allen / Dr Chris Fry / Dr Mark Gardner / Dr Haiku Ballieux / Christine McCauley
Educational researcher (2010-13): Dr Silke Lange
Teaching assistants: Mellissa Fisher / Benjamin Palmer / Danny Garside

Please visit the Broad Vision website for more information about the educational philosophy, the range of themes explored and the outputs produced.

Broad Vision leaves its legacy through the continuation of the Art/Science Collaboration module (as part of a university wide series of cross-disciplinary elective modules) and the development of new interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Imaging Art and Science.