Being Slime Mould is adapted to suit different groups and contexts.
These are the experiments to date:

Crossing Kingdoms: Co-creating with Nonhuman Others, Shared Campus, Zurich
Being Slime Mould, 21st Century Common Sense,
NESTA, London
The Physarum Experiments, Artist and the Machine
Barbican Centre, London
City Superorganism, York University & University of Toronto, Canada
Being Other Than We Are… Multispecies Storytelling Conference, Vaxjo, Sweden

Into the Mountain: A Meet, Tramway, Glasgow
Fluid Rhythms, Open Set, Amsterdam
Reimagining Munich, City as Superorganism, Munich
Playful Learning Conference, Manchester

Nonhuman Agents ConferenceArt Laboratory Berlin
Crowd Control, collective behaviour experiments, arebyte gallery, London
Experiments in Elasticity, keynote speaker for ELIA Conference, Central Saint Martins
Being Biological, Scratch Night, Coney and Theatre Delicatessen
Systems Games Nights, arebyte gallery, London
Biodesign Challenge, Central Saint Martins, London

Systems Games STEAM workshop for educators (via roaming robot), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Systems Games Night open workshop, Qlab, New York
Social Evolution Field Course, Rockefeller University, New York State
Collective Motion Conference, Uppsala, Sweden
Slime Mould Boot Camp, Central Saint Martins, London

The Conference, Malmö, Sweden
The Lab Project Symposium, London
Open Embodiments Conference, Tucson, Arizona
Flatpack Film Festival, BOM, Birmingham

FT Innovate Conference, London

BioDesign II, Museum Park, Rotterdam
BioDesign I, New Institute, Rotterdam