In September, Heather will join the Field_Notes Ecology of Senses residency at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Lapland/Finland, with Bioart Society Finland.

On 1 & 2 September, Heather is running a two-day workshop in Munich exploring the city as a superorganism. Info and booking here

From August 2018 Heather is contributing to the Open Set Fluid Rhythms project, a seven-month programme of situated research integrating the fields of arts, design, urban planning, performance, and humanities, centred on the ‘urban utopia’ of Bijlmer, Amsterdam.

Throughout 2018 Heather is on a research exchange with Tokyo Institute of Technology, working on interdisciplinary art, science and technology research including an ‘Existential Wearables’ design project.

Following her Leverhulme Artist in Residence project exploring Animal Collectives with Swansea University Heather has been appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow to continue working with biosciences researchers, investigating collective behaviour in humans and other animals. 


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Menagerie of Microbes | 25 March – 13 May 2016 | Summerhall, Edinburgh

Menagerie of Microbes | 25 March – 13 May 2016 The Laboratory…
Bottled Nebula by Carla Mancillas
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Art and Science Creative Workshops - now booking

In collaboration with some of my students, MA Art and Science…